SUCCESS CASE – Governance, Strategy and Operating Partnership

Implementation of Corporate Governance and BoD on a family owned business in the Agribusiness sector

Auddas led all the implementation process of the Governance Model and BoD setup, including all the required Legal and Organisational adjustments, as well as the Strategic Plan review and implementation.


Our Client, a family owned business in the agribusiness sector with close to 70 years existence and R$ 1Bi/year in revenues, asked Auddas to lead its professionalization program through the implementation and operation of a Corporate Governance model and Management Board implementation.


All planning, operations and monitoring processes were established, as well as all roles, responsibilities and relationship mechanisms between Shareholders, Stakeholders and Companies’ Executives of the Group were defined.

Secondly, a new professionalisation cycle was carried out, through the identification and hiring and Executives to key roles and functions as well as the implementation of long term incentive plans in alignment to the group strategy.

Once this process was concluded, Auddas was engaged as an Independent BoD Member to the group, monitoring the adequate operation of the Management Board as well as the implemented Corporate Governance Model.


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