SUCCESS CASE – Governance, Strategy, Operating Partnership and M&A

M&A advisory for a company in the Services sector

Auddas was hired by the Company in order to improve its overall results, operations and management structure with the objective to make it a viable acquisition target for Strategic investors consolidating in their sector.


The Client objective was to define the Strategy for the next expansion cycle, as well as implement the adequate Corporate Governance Model and operational improvement programs in order to expand margins and accelerate growth.


Auddas designed and implemented an Advisory Board in order to review the Client strategy and main execution drivers. The Client’s short, medium and long term objectives were also revisited and re-aligned to its goal and capabilities.

The result of this assessment indicated that the market operated by the Client was under consolidation pressure, but the Client did not have the tools to be a driver of such consolidation, therefore, it should position itself as a potential acquisition target.

With that decided, an improvement program was put in place in order to streamline operations, improvement overall execution and managerial controls in order to expand margins and revenues and improve overall Governance and, in doing so, positioning the Client as an strategic asset / target.

In parallel to that, Auddas acted as the exclusive advisor of the Client on its approach and sale to an Strategic acquirer.



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