SUCCESS CASE – Strategy and Operating Partnership

Strategic Planning and Operating Partnership for Services and Technology Company

Support to and guidance of the Digital Transformation strategic plan


The Client asked Auddas to support its Digital Transformation Strategic Plan cascading to its tactical and operational level. The main objective was to adjust its business model to the Strategic Plan as well as to review and revamp its offer in alignment to the Plan.


Auddas proposed the implementation of squads focused on defining new offers under the leadership of the Product team.

All dimensions of the new offering were revisited: Value Proposition, Business Model, Technology, Teams, Processes and Operating Model. Under the new methodology, the Agile approach was also expanded to the Operations team.

Based on that, Auddas identified potential partners required to enable and complement the Client’s offering to the market, as well as lead the process to establish and model the required business partnership.

With the offer in place, Auddas worked in cooperation with the Client’s Sales and Solutions teams in order to validate the offer and adjust it based on customer feedback, as well as to reposition the offer from a Marketing perspective.

At last, Auddas defined the KPIs and metrics required to monitor the effectiveness and velocity of the transformation process, as well as revisited – and implemented the monitoring tools for – the short, medium and long term objectives associated to the initiative.


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