SUCCESS CASE – Strategy, Management and Operations Support

Strategic Planning and Operating Partnership of Company in the Services sector

Strategic Planning and Operating Partnership engagement in order to increase Events monetisation as well as overall operational and financial planning improvement.


Our Client, a high-end Event Management Agency, hired Auddas to implement its Strategic Planning and a Management model in order to increase its events monetisation as well the overall Company financial and operational planning.


A multi-annual planning routine for fixed and ad-hoc events was implemented, as well as an integrated budgeting and operational planning model in order to enable the events production and delivery monitoring.

In addition to that, new revenue sources were develop through merchandising and talent management agreements that have optimised the individual return of each one of the Company’s events.

At last, a productisation/ modularisation approach was adopted to event delivery, reducing the execution risk, improving overall delivery effectiveness and reducing overall production costs.


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