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We generate value for companies undergoing growth and scale through a Low Touch model.

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Auddas onDemand

From Owner To Owner

Formed by entrepreneurs with relevant results in the last 20 years, we were and are founders and executives, as well as our clients. In this way, we not only act as consultants, but also as Business Owners.

We treat each client company as if it were ours and only recommend what we would do in our own business.

Relevant experiences

+ 100

Relevant Management Cases

+ 100


+R$ 10Bi

In led transactions

+ 15


Increase your company's profit and valuation

We share everything we’ve seen go right and wrong over these decades so that it can serve as a shortcut and your company reach even greater heights.

Our work structure


  • Survey of information from partners
  • Understanding business and personal objectives
  • Diagnosis of the current scenario
  • Identification and proposition of areas of initial focus

Prioritization of focus areas

  • Definition and Prioritization Key Initiatives
  • Definition of methodology and/or solution approach
  • Direction of execution by mentees


  • We provide templates and references for the implementation of the initiatives
  • We validate the implementation and its result
  • In parallel, we support the implementation of capabilities
  • We support the implementation of e  Operating ModelManagement
  • Metrics definition


  • Monitoring via
    Virtual Board (in the Virtual Board plan)
  • Monitoring of
    Corporate Development
  • Monitoring the results of initiatives and metrics
  • We identify new priorities and repeat the cycle

Operation models


Auddas NOW

Have you thought about having specialized support when you need it? This template is for you.

Through it, you have access to the Auddas team to address specific questions and needs and get quick guidance on your business.
  • 2h/month devideo call (30 min/week or 1h/fortnight)
  • Unlimited message exchange
Monthly fees from R$4,860, 14


Auddas Virtual Board

Do you need to go further and want support to get there, while continually developing yourself and your team? This model is for you.

Through it, you have access to the Auddas team to closely monitor and guide your business and your team.

  • 5h/month de  video call and mentoring together with your team (3 wks 1h and 1h week of 2h)
    • During the 2h call we have time to explore a more strategic follow-up, with a more macro view, and eventually explain some concepts in more detail
  • Unlimited message exchange
Monthly fees from $8,184.42

Discover our lines of action

Design of relationship structures between partners and between partners and Cia. 

Definition of Shareholder Agreements, definition of dividend and investment policies and other points involving transparency and efficiency in managing your business.

Assessing and reviewing your Strategic and Business Plans and indicating opportunities for further improvement and development.

Assessment of your business and review of models that determine its value in support of any discussions with investors, partners and/or strategic partners.

Supporting the development of strategies and conducting negotiations involving the purchase and / or sale of assets, equity investments and / or fundraising with investors and / or financiers in general.

Support the revision of your financial statements and data necessary to adequately portray your business to banks and financing entities in order to make it possible to raise debt and financing.

Review and note of opportunities for improvement in your management model and review of the operating and sales structures in support of your Strategic and Business Plan including structural aspects, resources, people and their financial aspects.

Review of your Digital approach, proposition and monitoring of new processes and work models in order to optimize the adoption of technologies and maximize the return on your presence and marketing strategy digital operation.

Find out who will help your business grow

Quotes in media

Journal O Estado de S. Paulo
Magazine Istoé

Results from first interaction

We will understand your business and your difficulties​
We will monitor the results of your evolution
We will present guidelines, reviews and solutions
We will support the activities performed by you

* The execution of the activities indicated by Auddas must be carried out by the client.
We will be responsible for the directions, revisions and follow-ups.

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