Operational Model

How do we work



  • Data gathering
  • Benchmarking and opportunities identification
  • Initial assessment analysis report


  • Strategic Plan definition
  • Prioritize identified opportunities
  • Detailed action planning, timetable and checkpoints


Execution and monitoring of all activities defined in the detailed Planning:

  • Legal
  • Operational
  • Finance
  • Management and control


  • Operational e Finance
  • Support to Founders and Management Team
  • Exit strategy definition and/or Capital rounds execution

We are 100%
committed to
your results

Quick Delivery

Combination of weekly meetings to monitor tactical and operational execution with monthly Board meetings to drive strategy.

Broad Experience

Auddas catalyzes your business development and learning process by adding multiple industries expertises and know-how on diverse business' challenges.


At least one Auddas Partner engaged in each project stage. The recurring engagement ensures the close understanding of the client and its objectives.

Continuous Improvement

Continuous effort on overall operational results improvement. We aim to maximize the asset and overall shareholder value.

From business owner to business owner

We cooperate with Founders in their businesses development. As entrepreneurs we know the pain, we have walked the path. We have the know-how and experience on how to manage and develop businesses.

We want to row your boat, face your actual challenges upfront, consciously and in cooperation with an “owner” MINDSET in order to address your business opportunities.

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