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Capital and M&A Advisory

Auddas acted as the exclusive financial agent and advisor for the Customer on an company acquisition within its sector.

Governance, Management, Strategy and M&A

Client was sold to a strategic investor as the result of the successful implementation of Strategy, Governance and Management programs.

Governance, Management and Strategy

Board Management Implementation aiming at company professionalizing, processes and operations improvement resulted in a 25% increase on the Holding’s net earnings.

Governance, Management, Strategy and M&A

Modelling, Screening, Selection, Diligence, Acquisition and Consolidation of Companies in the E-Commerce sector.

Strategy and Operations support

Digital Transformation program.

Strategy, Management and Operations support

Implementation of planning and management tools and processes resulted in a 15% increase in the profitability of delivered Events and 30% decrease in beverage inventory levels.

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